Custom Design & Construction

There are many important steps to follow when proceeding with a custom design and construct project with Grandview Homes. The benefits of partnering with our experienced, award winning team ensure your dreams are realised in the best way. Our systems, processes and partners offer a streamlined approach that is tried and true.

We guide you through all areas, from site selection and purchasing, designing to suit your land, budget and lifestyle, providing estimates, designing plans, preparing and issuing documentation for approvals. Whilst these are in for approval, we can work towards making the décor decisions with our market leading interior designer at our purpose built, onsite selection centre.

When all is approved and in place, we provide construction timelines from which you can then see you dream home become a reality. Investigate the step further by reviewing the steps as they are outlined below, from idea to handing over the keys and ongoing scheduled maintenance and extensive industry and manufacturer’s warranties.

Building Process Steps

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“Thank you Scott, Jenny and all Grandview staff for your ‘hassle free’ service. You have been most professional in every way and I always had the utmost trust and faith that you would do a great job. You are to be congratulated on all facets of your policies and process. You have provided me with a beautiful house which I will now turn into a beautiful home.”

S Davies

“The pursuit of excellence is very evident throughout the Grandview Homes company. The highest level of service was attained and you exceeded my expectations. My congratulations to all the team on your exceptional performance.”

D Godbee